Chastity belt for men

Discover the perfect chastity belt for submissive men in our range. With a high quality penis cage from AB-Versand you give up control over your most intimate areas. Whether you want to test the chastity belt for men alone or simply leave the key to happiness to your partner – with the versatile solutions from our fetish shop, chastity from men is possible at any time. Build the cock cage playfully into your pleasure play or let yourself be dominated in the long run. The chastity belt for men can be used freely according to your wishes.

Penis cage made of stainless steel, plastic, and more

We offer the chastity belt for men in numerous different variations. For example, use the penis cage made of hard plastic, which fits especially well with the Adult Babies with its playful design. The stainless steel cock cages look a bit more intimidating and are available in several designs: as a spiral cage, as a small basket, and as a cell cage. For maximum chastity comfort, every man gets numerous sizes to choose from and even different rings sent along to make sure everything really fits.

For the special pain you can combine the chastity belt for men with a ball stretcher. This is additionally equipped with small spikes, so you think twice about which erotic fantasies you grant yourself. You can also experiment with electrical impulses by getting yourself a high-quality stimulation current device. Just stick on the electrodes and enjoy the subtle tingling sensation. Want to use the electric shocks for punishment? Then simply increase the intensity for a sensual pulsating torture. Order your chastity belt for men and equip them with the right supplies! Here you will find the right products.