Strampler Jupsuit

. Romper suits for adults provide security not only during hours full of relish.

Romper suits for adults are not only used in the fetish sector (Adult Baby, Arge Play, BDSM), but also in the wellness sector.

In our Adult Baby Shop you will therefore not only find clothing for Adult Baby´s, but also for leisure in and outdoors. On warm summer evenings, comfortable wellness suits are particularly suitable for experiencing the sunset in a deck chair.  Enjoy cooler evenings with our comfortably warm and cuddly rompers for adults, so you will enjoy the late summer still many beautiful hours.

Our romper suits for adults, which are produced in Germany in our own workshop, are available with and without booties. You can also choose if you want your zipper in the front back or on the side. By the production in our own workshop, your personal special wishes are welcome at any time and are manufactured by our specialized personnel with high standards for you personally. 

It does not matter whether the overalls are made of latex, fabric, PVC or even leather. Gloves or upholstered gloves can be attached to the sleeves to match the romper suits, thus preventing the romper suit from being taken off independently by the adult baby. Especially if the gloves are extra secured with straps, with additional magnetic lock. It is also possible to provide the romper suit with a zipper that goes into the hood. So it is possible to determine with the zipper how much of the visual field remains free with the romper suit. This is especially pleasant in winter when it is icy so you can close the hood from the front up to a small slit for example. Who wants to prevent that the zipper can be opened independently selects itself the suitable zipper slide to lock. This way the romper suits are closed also gladly for adults babies (Adult Baby, BDSM,) as punishment suits used.

Big Kiddyfee does not only produce clothes in which they can experience their childhood anew, but also children's furniture in size, of course in adult size, e.g. highchairs, cots, cribs, rocking horses and playpens. Here, too, furniture and toys are made by a wood artist in his own workshop.

If you are looking for a romper for adults, rubber trousers for adults or PVC suits with corresponding masks, you will find what you are looking for on our website. For fans of somewhat harder styles, we also have pacifier gag in our program to suit the adult romper. We also have straitjackets, leather paddles and wooden panels so that nothing stands in the way of physical punishment. If you have questions to our products or our offer, contact us. We answer quickly and competently. Not only our romper suits for adults are very popular, therefore we also send our products shipping inexpensively and promptly within a few days to you.

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