PVC-U-Like is a high quality brand that offers exciting designs of rubber nappy pants – made of PVC, obviously! AB-Versand offers you a wide selection of different products from the PVC-U-Like range. From classic adult diaper pants, which offer reliable leakage and odor protection due to their material, to sexy little dresses in different lengths for adult baby and fetish parties, to very unusual models like the cunnilingus sniffing pants. Curious now? Discover the PVC clothing from PVC-U-Like and stock your closet with exclusive items.

Rubber nappy pants

Rubber nappy pants are exactly what you need if you're a diaper lover! The panties are particularly practical because they are unisex and thanks to their extra wide cut can be combined with adult diapers quite comfortably. At the same time, they are nice and snug on the leg and also have a high waistband, so that any liquid remains in the rubber nappy pants. This makes PVC-U-Like items ideal for adult babies who love taking long naps. Choose between numerous colors and the size that suits you: from S to 4XL, anything is possible!

ABDL nappy pants and more

Besides PVC-U-Like, you can also find ABDL nappy pants by other quality brands like Big Kiddyfee as well as ABDL nappy pants with special features in our online store. These include the cute and detailed ruffle pants, which are just as playful. In turn, practically inclined mommies and daddies benefit from the button-up pants in our shop, which make changing diapers a lot easier with their side-mounted snaps.