Rearz Inspire+ Conroll Saugstarke Windelhose Gr. Medium

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Maximum Absorbency

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Produktinformationen "Safari Windelhose large bunt , 12er Packung"

  • Groesse-size: L
  • Aussenseite-Cover: PVC
  • Befestigung-Tapes: 4
  • Verwendung-use for: Nacht-Night
  • Farbe-colour: bunt-colorful

Windelhose fuer Erwachsene bei starker Inkontinenz und fuer die Nachtversorgung . 

Groesse-size : M= 30 to 42" waist hip inch , ca. M = 81 - 106cm Hueftumfang/Taille.

Groesse-size : L= 35 to 52" waist hip inch , ca. L = 100- 132cm Huefte / Taille.

Groesse-size : XL=50 to 60" waist hip inch , ca. XL = 127--157cm Huefte / Taille.
-PVC Folie 
-4 Klebestreifen
-Saugleistung etwa 4500ml-5000ml  , hochwertiger Marken Superabsorber 

Get Inspired Today with this Absorbent Diaper

Inspire writes : "We have seen a lot of diapers in our time and just can't figure out why nobody offers a super high end diaper that also incorporates high end, brand name materials that can only improve the product."


1. Brand name 4th Generation SAP gel:

This crazy gel has a 4x faster aquisition rate
Better retaining power, even under pressure
Higher capacity
Boasting at least 4500ml-5000ml max capacity
This ingenious polymer also swells more than the cheap gel

2. Brand name tapes

3. Thick core with USA grade A Fluff

4. Tall standing leg guards

5. Elastic waistbands front and pack

7. Reinforced frontal tape that allows refastening

8. Thick Vintage style PE backing

Kategorie: Rearz
Artikelnummer: 8319040021-03
Versandgewicht‍: 2,72 Kg
Artikelgewicht‍: 2,72 Kg
Inhalt‍: 12,00 Stück
Größe.:‍: M
Aussenseite Cover.:‍: PVC
Besfestigung / Tape .:‍: 4
Verwendung use for.:‍: schwere Nachtwindel
Farbe Color.:‍: weiß
Saugleistung..‍: bis 4000 ml


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