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Booster diapers


Since the diapers or disposable diapers have become thinner and therefore unfortunately also always inconspicuous, it was time that we have thought about how to bring the diapers back to age thick. Because Adult Babies (adult babies) are diaper wearers who like to be reminded of their childhood. Since they know from their childhood nor the "Pampers", which were beautiful colorful, but also very thick, you now want again, since they themselves once again want to be a child or babies, also wear the old colorful thick diapers. Although we can now serve with many colorful diapers (diapers for adults colorfully printed), but unfortunately they lack very much in volume.


In America, we then found a suction amplifier insert that already has a suction capacity of more than 2000 ml and is additionally provided with an adhesive film. If we now take the colorful diapers and there directly incorporate an additional USA absorbent pad, we not only achieve a suction gain to over 6,000 ml, but also that the diapers by itself is almost 3 cm to 4 cm thick. In the step, the width is also over 10 cm. When the diaper is now in use, the suction booster (SAP) swells up a lot (jelly, slush). A fully sucked diaper can reach a thickness of over 10 cm and weigh about seven kilos. Of course you have to keep in mind that under these colorful booster diapers it can come under pressure to leak. That's why we have to say that even booster diapers have only a theoretical capacity of 6,000 ml, which means that the disposable diapers are the ultimate for adults who like to wear diapers. They hold the full suction strength, of course only without. (If you are in bed, for example) while sitting down and full capacity, the Pippi will probably run down your legs. But adult babies know that they often leak out. Why adult babies should probably wear booster diapers if they do not constantly in the diapers would do

Another purpose of booster diapers is to make it easier for the educators (mom and dad) to do the tedious job of frequent diaper changing. Because until a diaper is really full may well pass 12-24 hours. Because that's what the colorful Adult baby diapers are made with the additional booster. Of course, these nappies are also used as nipples by educators who reinforce the humiliation for adults who are forced to walk around as babies. An invisible wearing of colorful booster diapers under the clothes is hardly possible, because they rustle loud, so that everyone can hear and the pants are far bagged. Also noticeable in Booster Diapers for Adult Babies (BDS) (adult baby) is that running is more like a baby waddling, which looks very funny. It also happens again and again that the colorful printed baby diapers flashing out of the top of the pants so that really can remember the last that this adult baby or teen baby still has to run around with fat diapers. Especially when the diapers are heavily filled, this gait and thick butt will be visible from afar. Booster Nappies are perfect for supporting Adult Baby or Teen Baby education. We are pleased that we can exclusively make you this wonderful offer. Thick width strong loud noisy rustling diapers which are also like (Pampers) colorfully printed. Suitable for these diapers can still diaper holders and rubber pants are used. Of course, there are overshoes that are lockable, so that an adult baby can not just go on the move and change his diapers, without the educator approves.