Latex coat & cape

In our fetish shop you will find numerous products made of rubber, leather or latex. Coat and cape are also included and serve as a high-quality accessory in your life as an adult baby. Thanks to the handmade PVC-clothing you can dress in stylish rubberfashion or slip into very special roles thanks to the unique capes. Different sizes, different colors and different materials are available, so you are sure to find the right piece for you. Do you prefer an anorak made of bengal rubber or a latex coat? Our shop offers the right choice.

Rubber, vinyl and latex in our shop

Tastes are different. That's why we provide the greatest possible variations with different fabrics of rubber, vinyl and latex in our shop. Of course, you are completely free to choose the color, so that you can walk through the forest like Little Red Riding Hood in a red latex coat or create a sporty impression in a white anorak made of soft foil. How do we ensure this? We produce the capes and coats like many other products of AB-Versand ourselves. That's how we can make your latex coat, cape and anorak made to measure!

Feel free to contact us directly to deposit special measurements and wishes. Together we'll find a solution to adapt our rubberfashion ideally to your love life. Maybe you prefer a tighter cut with less freedom of movement or you need the space to wear your adult diapers under coat and cape? Leather, vinyl, and latex are of great importance in our store and you are in the forefront of our workmanship. So, order your custom made yellow latex coat or black rubber cape and live your life to the fullest.