Fetish shop for clothing and lingerie

With the fetish shop of AB-Versand, you can bring glossy and PVC into your bedroom. Our high-quality products are aimed at people of all genders. Whether you're looking for a small slip or want to cover your whole body, you'll find the right clothes for every fetish. Get also our high-quality fetish lingerie to really feel good in. Take a look around and order fetish gear und bondage clothes according to your taste.

Fetish gear for him and her

Live out your fetish in our online shop. Discover leather products like men's thongs in different sizes or a chest harness to get the blood pumping. We also offer numerous pieces in the PVC category. Polyester can be worn as slips, pants (with zip), trousers, shirts and jumpsuits. We combine different designs in our fetish store so that you can live out your fetish in the perfect gear.

We also offer numerous glossy and PVC products for women. From sexy fetish lingerie to a naughty dress with a strap, there's a wide selection to choose from. Gloves and boots complete the outfit, so you can completely submit — or show who's holding the reins. Order your fetish gear right here and continue browsing our wide range. Besides lacquer and leather, how about our PVC clothing, for example? Alternatively, you can order latex products in our online shop. Of course, you can also get everything you need for a life as an adult baby. Use the entire variety of our fetish store.