rubber trousers Rubber pants were originally used to protect against over cloth diapers. Later they were also used with inserts from pulp or fleece diapers, the diaper was fed to the waste after use and washed only the rubber pants and was reused. In the adult - baby care were much used rubber pants because they are easy to handle. Rubber pants b.z.w. Plastic pants were used as a modern educational method. More modern breathable wrap pants or diaper covers were especially in the care of older eingestezt particularly since the disposable diaper is not in all sizes available war.Gelegentlich are rubber pants in nursing homes still in use in the care of incontinent patients and notorious bed-wetting, and then they are usually combined with cloth diapers worn with fleece diapers or even as improved leakage protection over diapers. In the notorious rubber pants bedwetting is quite often affected by the use of any age, it offers quite a lot of extra security. For nights out of home in hotels, restaurants, or simply on vacation, the rubber pants for many teenagers duty to experience any nasty surprises. In younger pants pisser, the classic rubber pants do increasingly popular not least because the present-day clothing habits of the young generation with the jeans in many variations for thin and non-applying or diapers demand deposits. The optimum protection against leaks in the thigh area to offer only plastic pants. Under a leather pants, it is recommended anyway, as a laundry wear