Disposable adult diapers with Velcro or adhesive carrier winds closures can be found in this category by a wide variety of manufacturers. These diapers for adults and for adult babies, Diaperlover Slavs in Erzihung with limited mobility. Even older children or young-adult bedwetting or baby's are correct for this type of diaper. The diapers they get in all sizes from small 60 cm Hips to extra-large up to 170 cm of waist circumference. They are like baby diapers can also be set up and create comparable. The diaper absorb a large amount of liquid and is ideal for moderate to severe incontinence. The diapers are reusable and come in several absorbencies. Diapers can be additionally equipped with vacuum amplifiers thicker absorbent us will make. The diapers are provided with Textielänlicher have air-permeable outer layer or outer film, surprisingly, depending on the diapers, the diapers have Velcro or adhesive closures.