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At AB-Versand you get high-quality reusable diapers for adults in different styles, with various patterns and of course in several sizes. These include simple PullOn padded diapers as well as classic diapers from Omutsu, which impress with their extra thick padding. In addition to the thick cloth ABDL diapers, you can also find all-in-one diapers in our fetish shop, which provide high security with several layers and sit comfortably thanks to rubber cuffs. Combine adult cloth diapers and rubberpants for maximum comfort and no risk of leakage.

Omutsu Pullon
Omutsu Pullon
Hey, du! Hast du schon einmal von Erwachsene Windelhosen...
Omutsu Adult Diaper
Omutsu Adult Diaper
Hello, little friend! Are you ready to dive into the wonderful...

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Various reusable ABDL diapers – from PullOn to diaper wipe

We offer the right solution for every Adult Baby. That's why we are also committed to creating the widest possible selection of reusable diapers for adults. The PullOn diapers impress with 100 percent cotton and a strong absorbent core. At the same time, they are very elaborately designed in different colors and playful patterns, so that Diaper Lovers get their money's worth.

We also offer especially thick cloth ABDL diapers in the category Omutsu – which, by the way, is Japanese for “diaper”. These convince with extra thick layers and absorbent material such as cotton. In addition, the design with cute teddy bears, little monkeys, plants, and more turns out particularly affectionate. At the same time, we recommend a combination of cloth ABDL diapers and rubberpants for additional leakage protection. After you have used the diapers, you can easily wash them in the washing machine. You can find the respective instructions here on the product pages as well as in the care instructions directly on the diapers.

A special form of reusable diapers are our diaper wipes. For this we rely on high quality and proven brands such as Big Kiddyfee. The cloths can be used as absorbent pads for different types of diapers, as a pad, spit-up cloth, bib or even as a headscarf. So, feel free to look around and take advantage of our thick cloth diapers for adults to live as an Adult Baby.

Hey, you! Have you ever heard of adult diaper pants? Yes, you heard it right! Diaper pants are not just for babies but also for adults who are looking for comfort, discretion, and security.

An adult diaper pant is similar in structure and functionality to diapers for babies but has been specifically designed to meet the needs of adults. They are available in various sizes, styles, and absorbency levels to cater to individual requirements.

Let's talk about the benefits. One of the most obvious advantages of adult diaper pants is their high absorbency. They are equipped with special materials that can quickly absorb and lock away liquid. This keeps the skin dry and protected, which is particularly important for people with incontinence or bladder weakness.

Another significant advantage is the comfort provided by diaper pants. They are designed to snugly fit the body while allowing for sufficient freedom of movement. Modern diaper pants are made of soft materials that feel pleasant on the skin and minimize irritation.

Discretion is another plus point. Adult diaper pants are discreet and unobtrusive to wear under clothing. They are designed to ensure a sleek silhouette and not show through garments. This allows you to maintain your self-confidence and feel free without worrying about potential leaks or odors.

Now let's talk about the usefulness in care. Adult diaper pants offer a reliable solution for people with incontinence issues. They give you the freedom to carry on with your daily activities without fear of unwanted leaks. Whether you're going to work, shopping, or simply spending time with friends, you can rely on diaper pants to keep you dry.

They are particularly beneficial for nighttime incontinence. They not only provide protection against leakage during sleep but also ensure that you have restful nights without having to constantly get up to use the toilet. You can relax and sleep soundly, knowing that you are well taken care of.

In addition to their practical benefits, adult diaper pants can also be used in role-playing. Whether you want to explore your interest in adult baby play or simply assume a different role, diaper pants can be an important part of your game. They allow you to immerse yourself in a imaginative world and express your preferences in a safe and controlled manner.

Overall, adult diaper pants offer many advantages and diverse benefits. They are comfortable, absorbent, discreet, and provide you with the freedom to enjoy your life without limitations. Whether you wear them during the day or night or use them for role-playing, they are a reliable solution that offers you comfort and security.

So, don't hesitate to explore adult diaper pants if you're looking for a solution for incontinence or simply want to have a new experience in role-playing. You'll be surprised by how liberating and enriching they can be!