BetterDry adult diapers

BetterDry are adult diapers that offer adult babies and diaper lovers extra security in their roleplay thanks to their high absorbency. Experience the comfort of BetterDry and live out your diaper fetish to the fullest. AB-Versand provides you with a wide range of disposable diapers from BetterDry: as a practical pull-on version or with extra strong adhesive strips on the sides for adult babies who need a little more support from mommy or daddy, for the day or for the night.

BetterDry pull-on nappies

BetterDry pull-on nappies are specially designed for daytime use and, despite their thinness, are characterized by convincing properties in terms of absorbency, leakage protection, minimal rewetting, and pleasant wearability. You are therefore able to wear BetterDry pull-on nappies comfortably under your normal underwear and live incognito as an adult baby in your everyday life. In combination with a long-sleeved body with the appearance of a serious dress shirt, BetterDry pull-on nappies even become suitable for business! The discreet, white, and all-around elastic textile-like outer film ensures a comfortable feeling when worn all day long. A wetness indicator lets you know when it's time to change the diaper. This process is child's play as well: just slip it on like a pair of panties. The side seams can be ripped open to take it off. If you're really being a sweetie, someone will certainly help you out. BetterDry also offers reliable odor protection, which proves useful in a wide variety of situations.

BetterDry ander other nappies for adults

Apart from BetterDry, you can find numerous other adult diapers from well-known brands in our fetish shop. For example, Kolibri and TENA offer a wide range of disposable diapers that you can wear discreetly in your daily life, just like the BetterDry models. Are you more interested in a cute design for your adult diapers? In this case, colorful diapers with playful motifs from Little for Big, MEGAMAX, Crinkles, Rearz, or MyDiaper are just right for you!