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When you saw diapers in the supermarket, you'd always been hot and cold. You couldn't let your eyes go away from the diapers. You even secretly bought a pack and hid it. Now everything is different! One day your life changes.

You feel now finally as a free person and were allowed to allow it! The feeling that had been dormant in you for so long came to light with a flood.

You spat it out in a moment when you yourself had not counted on it! You want to be a baby and experience in full dependence everything that was not possible before. You had suppressed it for so long and secretly looked at the pictures on the Internet. The longing was so great, but you denied yourself this great feeling. Because how should you communicate yourself, it could mean in the long run the "out" and this you wanted by no means at all.

The neighbour carried her baby home from the clinic. Your wife gave the impulse to bring the gift over. You were allowed to watch as she gave the baby a new diaper. Then the oppressive feeling arose, the longing to be allowed to be a baby again and not to be allowed to live it out. At home it suddenly came out of you. One sentence came to the next. You opened up and let everything out and cried. At first your wife was speechless and then something changed which you had not expected. She spoke to you about it and finally you may be liberated. You may now wear a thick diaper.

The role play has begun

and it will be exciting! Looking for your punishment diaper now? No problem, we have a wide range of diapers for you. Everything your heart desires you will find here. So that you get the perfect education in diapers, you should try different diapers. Everyone has different preferences and we have a wide range for you. Big Kiddyfee has everything your heart desires. Beside colorful diapers for adults there are the suitable rompers. As an adult baby you will certainly appreciate the permanent diaper with the perfect fit. Thick diapers give you the loved perfect feeling.

Your online shop Big Kiddyfee has everything for you, so that your Domina shows you the way. Everything comes in AB-shipping. To miss a thick diaper is the pure feeling of happiness.

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