Adult baby rompers and other clothing for your fantasies

Discover the right clothing and accessories to fulfil your paraphilic fantasies as an adult baby. With products by Big Kiddyfee, we focus on high quality so that an adult baby can fully enjoy rompers, soothers and so much more. Discover the different products in our adult baby fetish shop and become a real adult baby with a romper, bibs, playsuits or little dresses. You can wear the clothes from Big Kiddyfee at any time to play and combine them with an adult baby soother, for example – at least if you've been good. Otherwise, it's off to bed with an adult baby romper without any reward.

As you can see, our adult baby shop leaves nothing to be desired. Diaper lovers get their money's worth just as much as bondage fans. Therefore, order the adult baby clothes and the necessary accessories according to your wishes.

The perfect nappy or diaper for adults

Playing as an adult baby is one of the most harmless sexual practices among the paraphilias that fall outside the norm. In addition to the term autonepiophilia, the terms baby player or baby play are also used, which reveal much more quickly which preference is hidden behind them.

Note: autonepiophilia has nothing whatsoever to do with paedophilia, as it is a game among adults who have absolutely no interest in sexual practices in connection with children and also vehemently reject them. In this paraphilia, the inclinations lie in a completely different direction: being the baby oneself, being mothered and diapered, wearing a nappy or diaper for adults, being small, and helplessly subjected to mummy or daddy and similar aspects characterise this fetish.