Clinic: Fetish articles in the online store

Discover the ABDL clinic items from our fetish shop. Here you'll find high-quality BDSM accessories to turn your bedroom into a hospital room. You'll get the right equipment for both patients and nurses, so you can live it up in your own BDSM clinic. Our fetish shop offers many different items that will make you feel completely at ease and that you can perfectly combine with the ABDL life.

Various clinic products in fetish shop

Discover our wide assortment with numerous clinic products. Our fetish shop offers catheter sets and balloon catheters for the safe treatment of your patients. In addition, enemas can be used for fun in your bedroom or BDSM clinic, respectively. In addition to the classic equipment for nursing, you can also get high-quality PVC-clothing that fits the ABDL theme.

You can order surgical masks from us in various shapes and colours. This includes the classic surgical mouth protection as well as the lately popular FFP2 masks. You can also order special surgical masks made of PVC, bedding, latex or Bengal rubber. To protect your body as well, you can find aprons for your clinic in our fetish shop. For example, how about the unique doctor's gown Konstantin, which is available in different colours, sizes, and materials. For the service staff, we also offer numerous aprons inspired by the image of the classic maid. Since many of the aprons are open at the back, they serve as the ideal covering for Diaper Lovers when they want to openly display their diapers. Buy the perfect piece for your BDSM clinic in our fetish store today.