Sauna bag

A sauna bag transforms the private bedroom into a hot sauna landscape in an instant, which fetish fans couldn't have imagined in their sweatiest dreams to be more beautiful and sweaty. That's why you can enjoy everything you love about a sauna session with a sauna bag and at the same time experience everything that would definitely not be allowed in a public sauna. Turn your home into your own personal spa, experience intimate wellness moments and immerse yourself in the sensual expanses of your own sauna bag.

Body sauna bag in high quality

With the body sauna bag from our fetish shop, you get the best GUWI quality – just like you've long been used to with latex clothing from AB-Versand. This exclusive body sauna bag covers your body from head to toe with your favourite material in the desired thickness. Handmade and fully glued, each body sauna bag is manufactured with the highest precision in Germany to ensure the quality you deserve. They are also available in different colours and, of course, in your size, from S to XXL. Prefer a customised product instead? That's also easy with the body sauna bag from our online shop. The choice of colour is also up to your individual and intimate wishes: We can make it either opaque in your favourite colour or completely transparent. The transparent version naturally offers an additional attraction by allowing a glimpse of the latex-covered skin and the body underneath.

Latex sex bag for fetish lovers

Whichever version of the latex sex bag makes you sweat the most, the smooth and shiny surface of it will always ensure that the contours of your body are skilfully revealed. The tight-fitting design of the latex sex bag emphasises the sensual shape of your body while also giving you the gentle tightness that you love so much as a true latex lover.