Segufix is exactly the right solution for adult babies who do not always behave as Mummy or Daddy would like, because Segufix allows you to quickly and safely fix disobedient adult babies. Thanks to Segufix, they are completely at your mercy and at the same time can be fully pampered by you: It is almost impossible for them to break out of the Segufix harnesses, belts, and restraints! You see, with Segufix many fetish fans get their money's worth – no matter if you want to be restrained or if you want to steal your adult baby's freedom of movement for a long night.

Segufix for your fetish: hand, foot, leg, and thigh holder

The Segufix and bondage fetish go hand in hand. The various products are suitable for light to strong restrictions of movement of the fixed person and are therefore perfectly designed for freedom-educating measures of adult babies. How you live out your ABDL fetish with Segufix is entirely up to you. That's why you'll find a comprehensive assortment at AB-Versand. From hand restraints and hand restraint belts to foot restraints, leg restraints and thigh restraints to head restraints and full body restraints – Segufix satisfies all your fetish desires. To do this, Segufix follows the modular principle. To a large extent, it consists of many individual components, each with individually adjustable mobility – Segufix adapts to the fetish and naughtiness of adult babies. You also decide on the type of Segufix closure. We offer you velcro, magnetic lock, rotary patent lock and plug-in lock. Depending on which variant you choose, there is no escape with Segufix!

Segufix, ABDL rompers, diapers, and more

Besides Segufix, there are many other items for people with autoepiophilia in our fetish shop. So, diaper lovers will also get their money's worth. Complete your sexual fantasies and add versatile ABDL rompers, diapers, and sissy maid clothes to your role play. For example, adults can get diapers in a wide variety of styles from us. You can choose from disposable diapers, reusable diapers, colorful adult diapers and extra thick booster diapers for adults. What will you choose?