Adult baby harness

An adult baby harness helps mommy and daddy keep naughty adult babies in check – literally, because with an adult baby harness, even the naughtiest of adult babies suddenly become tame. Take a look around AB-Versand and discover adult baby harnesses in a variety of colours, shapes, closures, and styles. We offer you an extensive selection that will add a new zest to your role play and a facet that may have been previously unknown to you.

ABDL harness to complete your look

An ABDL harness completes your look as an adult baby, making both you as the adult baby and your mommy or daddy happy. Take a look at our assortment of ABDL harnesses in our shop that will let you take your own steps without being completely on your own. This way you can simultaneously play around and still feel safe as well as well protected – just the way you like it best.

For example, how about Samira, the ABDL harness for little energy bundles, which is particularly comfortable while still providing an excellent way to rein in our little ones with adult baby reins. If we need to get to the kitchen in a hurry, these adult baby reins ensure that the little ones can stay safely in place. The long strap allows you to restrain the little ones in their play area so they can't get into mischief. The adult baby harness closes securely with a buckle on the back, so adult babies can't get to it. Made of high quality leather, the ABDL harness is available in red and white. The motif on the front of the belt, just above the chest, can be selected by our little adventurers according to their wishes.

Adult baby reins – order here

In addition to adult baby clothes and reins, there are many other exciting accessories for your adventures as an adult baby in our ABDL store for fetish fans: from practical adult playsuits to bibs and aprons as well as playpants and cute little dresses. In addition, the product range in the ABDL store includes adult baby clothes such as hats, underwear and sleeping bodies.