Latex costumes for men: everything your fetish heart desires

From latex costumes for men and fancy latex dresses to complete latex outfits for men: you'll find just the right addition for your bedroom in our fetish shop AB-Versand. The tight-fitting material provides you with exactly the tingling sensation you're looking for. We have the right latex clothing for men for all your fantasies – take a look around and let yourself be inspired. Which adult latex adventure do you fancy?

Latex clothing for men

Latex clothing for men is available from us in various designs. Latex is often associated with very tight-fitting outfits. If this is exactly your style, the latex costume for men is the perfect choice for you. They cover you from the neck down to the tips of your toes. Every movement you make or are made to make will be felt all the more intensely. The one-piece also has zips in the most important places so that nothing stands in the way of sensual pleasure.

If you like it even fancier, order a latex dress for men. The classic cut gives you a casual look and can be perfectly combined with other items of latex clothing to a complete outfit for men. So you'll always be wearing the outfit that suits your role in the bedroom (or elsewhere).

Customised latex outfits for men

Of course, diaper lovers will also get their money's worth in our latex online shop. To give mummy or daddy a special treat, present yourself in these tight nappy briefs. Thanks to the wavy edges, the briefs sit comfortably and everything fits just as it should - until mummy changes her mind.

Want to wear something else over the nappy briefs? For a special kind of sleepover, we also have latex pyjamas for men in our range: as customisable as you are. In this two-piece, you can snuggle up in bed or with someone else and either fall asleep or make other dreams come true.