Sex toy cleaner

Sex toy cleaners are vital for having lots of fun, because clean toys are the most fun to play with. To make this process as quick and easy as possible, it's best to use a practical spray-on sex toy cleaner that you can use for all your toys: both manual and electric. Just a few pumps of the toy cleaner are enough to effectively remove viruses and bacteria and prevent possible infections in the sensitive intimate area. That's why we deliberately do not use alcohol in the ingredients of the sex toy cleaner in our fetish shop.

How to desinfect sex toys with the vibrator cleaner

When disinfecting sex toys, the rule is: work before pleasure! After all, it is crucial for long-term fun that your toys are always nice, clean, and hygienic. This applies regardless of whether you use dildos, love balls, and the like for extensive solo play sessions or together with a partner. That's why we recommend disinfecting your sex toy with a vibrator cleaner after each use so that you can enjoy it again next time without a care in the world. With a special sex toy cleaner, which you can order at AB-Versand, this is very easy: instead of boiling your toy or cleaning it with soap and water, simply spray it thoroughly with the cleaning spray to disinfect your sex toy, leave it to sit for about a minute and then wipe it off with a fluff-free, dry cloth. This vibrator cleaner is therefore ideal for battery-operated cock rings, masturbators with vibration as well as anal vibrators and classic vibrators, which you can't usually submerge under water. With waterproof toys, however, you can of course rinse the cleaner under running water before drying it thoroughly. To protect your sex toy from bacteria after disinfecting it before you use it again, it is best to store it in a suitable bag or box.

Vibrator cleaner and vibrators at AB-Versand

As you can see, with the right vibrator cleaner, you will be ready to indulge in your pleasure and lust again in the blink of an eye. You can use it for all the toys you own and can only imagine – regardless of the material they are made of: From rubber to latex and PVC to plastic, all your toys will be sparkling clean again with this cleaner.